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About us

The largest Spanish distributor of professional fitness equipment in the country

With more than 20 years of experience in advising and comprehensive equipment for sports facilities, we offer you the widest range of professional equipment on the market.

In 2021 we moved to 30,000m2 facilities, with offices, four loading docks and a repair shop. In 2022 we have expanded the space of our own product factory, we have created a 1,000m2 showroom where you can test our machinery and we have increased the capacity in dispatching orders, to further reduce the wait for the arrival of your equipment.

Leaders in Fitness and Muscle Building, with a sponsorship strategy for the best Spanish athletes and influencers, top 10 in the world ranking, which has positioned our Etenon Fitness equipment brand as a benchmark in our country.

And with its own brand, AllFreeWeight, which has equipped more than 300 BOXES and has more than 800 references in crosstraining products, as well as a wide portfolio of material for free weights, powerlifting, functional, Studio, etc.


  • Quality control in the manufacture of our products, guaranteeing an excellent quality/price ratio.
  • Great availability of stock in our 30,000 m2 warehouses in the new headquarters located in the municipality of Pegalajar, Jaén.
  • Quick and punctual spare parts and accessories service for any incident of our customers.
  • Efficient and very professional technical service made up of about 40 technicians distributed throughout the Spanish geography. We have technicians in all the provinces of the Peninsula, as well as in Mallorca, Las Palmas, Lisbon and Porto.
  • Customization and repair of machinery in our workshop, with highly qualified professionals that allow us to offer customers a differential service of customization of our machinery and its repair.
  • Personalized commercial attention. We have our own sales team that professionally advises customers to offer them the best solution to their needs and is at their disposal throughout the entire process before, during and after the purchase.
  • Training. We have a department dedicated to offering very diverse technical training on a monthly basis. We offer training related to our products and others that current trends in the fitness sector demand of us. All are taught by professionals specialized in each of the subjects.
  • Advice on the design of the facility for each of the projects, with 3D simulations so that the client can visualize their sports facility before assembly.
  • Marketing and Communication. We offer our clients communication support in social networks and specialized media, as well as promotional merchandising to help them attract and retain their members.


The customer comes first

The demands of our customers are the driving force behind our development. We are continually creating long-term value in response to the needs and requirements of our customers. Our success is the success of our clients.

dedication and professionalism

Our daily dedication is what earns us the respect and trust of our clients. For this, the contribution of our employees is essential. Our team puts all its efforts into creating value for our clients.

continuous improvement

Listening and learning is always essential to improve all aspects of our day to day. We believe that continuous improvement is necessary to become better partners with our customers, improve our business, and grow personally.