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Cris Pajares

International IFBB Pro Bikini athlete.
Only Spanish athlete proclaimed champion in the United States.

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Biografía y Highlights

IFBB Pro Bikini Fitness

Cristobalina Pajares is from a very small town in Granada (Colomera), in 2015 she was proclaimed Absolute Champion of Spain in the Bikini Fitness category with only 26 years old. She started on her own to later be advised by experts, and since then, her desire to improve in something she is passionate about has not ceased, obtaining achievements such as being champion of Spain Absolute two consecutive years, the first Spanish to win in USA four consecutive years and five years competing in Mr. Olympia in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

In addition to her competitive gifts, she helps other girls to compete by teaching posing classes.


2021 Nasville Fit show: 2

2021 Republic pf Texas Pro Campions: 3

2021 Chicago Pr: 5

2019 Champion San Antonio, Texas: 1

2019 Romania Muscle Fest: 5

2019 Mr. Olympia: 13

2018 Champion Romania Muscle: 1

2018 Champion 2Bros PRO: 1

2018 New York PRO: 10

2018 Miami Muscle Beach: 2

2018 Bigman Weekend: 3

2018 Prague PRO: 5

2018 George Farah: 2

2018 Fest Kai Greene Classic: 2

2017 Miami Muscle Beach Champion: 1