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Rubén López

Rubén López. Professional athlete and competitor in the Mr. Olympia
in the Classic Physique Pro category, champion in the Pro qualifier Benidorm
in Classic Physique and Overall category and in the Elvs Prague in his category..

Biography and Highlights

IFBB Pro Classic Physique

The athlete from Albacete based in Alicante participated in the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas in the Classic Physique Professional category in 2022.

In his track record, we find the gold in the Pro qualifier Benidorm in Classic Physique Category and Overall in the Elvs Prague.

In 2023 his goal is to be 100% ready to go out on stage in the best conditions with his sights set on participating in the Mr. Olympia to be held this year in Orlando.

Apart from competing, Rubén dedicates his working life to the world of training, bodybuilding, nutritional advice and supplements. From his practice he provides services as a sports trainer, both for competitors and for people who simply want to train or improve physically.


Eventos donde ha competido:

Arnold Classic de Ohio

Pro quailifer Tunez

Pro Qualifer London

Romania Muscle Fest Pro

Olympia Las Vegas