More than 20 years ago, a young athlete from Jaén ( Spain) who competed in regional bodybuilding championships, decided to take advantage of the contacts he had in the fitness sector to start selling sports nutrition and supplementation.

His dedication, his good dealings with clients and his entrepreneurial spirit led him to expand the portfolio of products he sold and expand his area of influence.

After being a distributor of several brands in the Andalusia area and a representative of training companies in the area, he decided to launch his own fitness equipment distribution company nationwide.

Thus was born Oss Fitness, maintaining the values of work, perseverance, closeness and courage fostered by its founder and reference Rafael Rodriguez.

Since then we have not stopped growing, thanks to the trust and loyalty of our clients, combining the exclusive distribution in Spain of international brands with the sale of our own brands.

But at Oss Fitness we had a pending issue, a demand that some of our clients had made us and that we had not yet been able to satisfy: equip all the gym rooms with us under the same commercial brand, maintaining reliability, quality and good quality service that characterize us.

For more than a year we have been working internally on the design of this new brand and negotiating with manufacturers to make us the equipment with the quality, performance and robustness that we needed.

Before launching our products on the market, we do a preliminary study of the biomechanics and ergonomics that they must have and we request the design of a prototype that we test and put to the test in sports facilities where they are given intensive use.

We present you ETENON FITNESS.




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