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Farmers Walk (par)

The AFW 10100 Farmer’s Walks (pair) are a set of two bars used in Strongman competitions. These bars are specifically designed for weight lifting and are an ideal complement to improve functional training and strength work. Each bar has a vertical structure that allows for the placement of 50 mm diameter discs. In addition, the grips are knurled to provide a better grip during exercise. These racks are ideal for those looking to challenge their limits and develop their strength in functional training.

Ref: 10100

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Technical characteristics
  • Farmer’s Walk is one of the disciplines in Strongman competitions.
  • Set of two bars to lift weight. They are a perfect complement to improve your level of functional training and work strength.
  • Vertical bars for 50 mm diameter discs.
  • Knurled grips.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 130 cm.
  • Width: 10 cm.
  • Height: 52.5 cm.
  • Maximum load weight: 300 kg.
  • Weight: 25 kg
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