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105028 - AFW Rack de kettlebells 3 bandejas SS

3-Tier kettlebells rack

The AFW 105028 3-Tray Kettlebell Rack is the perfect solution for optimizing storage space for your kettlebells. It consists of three levels of trays that allow you to organize your kettlebells in an orderly and accessible way. Each tray is protected with a 3 mm rubber layer to prevent damage to the kettlebells and provide a secure grip. Made of iron with a black epoxy finish, this rack offers strength and durability. Keep your kettlebells in a convenient and well-organized place with this handy rack.

Ref: 105028

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Technical characteristics
  • It consists of 2 trays, protected with a rubber of 3 mm.
  • Made of iron with black epoxy finish.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 152 cm.
  • Width: 84 cm.
  • Height: 92 cm.
  • Tiers dimensions: 152 x 2 cm.
  • Weight: 48,6 kg.
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