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10505 - AFW Peg Board

Peg Board

The AFW model 10505 Peg Board is a tool increasingly used in upper body training. It is a simple but highly dynamic accessory. It consists of a birch wood structure with 6 fastening holes for wall mounting. In addition, it features 32 staggered holes that allow for a wide variety of exercises. The Peg Board includes 4 wooden grips that provide a secure and comfortable grip during workouts. These grips help to strengthen and build strength in the upper body muscles, offering an additional challenge with every exercise.

Ref: 10505

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Technical characteristics
  • The Peg Board is an increasingly popular tool in upper body trainings. It is a simple but very dynamic accessory.
  • Birch wood structure with 6 wall mounting holes and 32 staggered holes for performing the exercises.
  • It includes 4 wooden grips.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 30 cm.
  • Width: 4 cm.
  • Height: 243 cm.
  • Weight: 14 kg.
  • Grip dimensions: 15 x 2 cm. (diameter).
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