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Fractional Bumper Black

The model 105077 Black Bumper Fractional Discs from AFW are designed to facilitate gradual weight gain during training. They are made of high quality solid rubber, which makes them durable and resistant. Each disc features a steel inner bushing that provides stability and ensures a precise fit on the bar. These discs have been specially designed to meet the needs of high-level training, allowing athletes to gradually increase the load and progress in their physical performance.

Ref: 105077

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Technical characteristics
  • The Fractional Bumper plate for staggered weight gain.
  • Made of solid rubber with steel inner sleeve.
  • Designed for high level training.
Dimensions and weight
  • Inner diameter: 50 mm.
  • 105077 – 17 cm. diameter / 20 mm. thickness.
  • 105078 – 21 cm. diameter / 25 mm. thickness.
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