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Promax Hex Barbell

The model 110110 Promax Hex Bar from AFW is perfect for working comfortably while leaving your legs free to move. The hexagonal bar distributes the weight in line, avoiding overloading the back. Designed for heavy trapeze exercises, deadlifts and squats. Made of steel with chrome finish.

Ref: 105114

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Technical characteristics
  • A lifting bar, very solid and versatile.
  • Designed for trapeze exercises with heavy load, deadlifts, squats …
  • Made of steel with chrome finish.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 184 cm.
  • Width: 69 cm.
  • Height: 16 cm.
  • Weight: 32 kg.
  • Loading zona: 33 cm.
  • Maximum load: 227 kg. (500 lb).
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