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Fixative /Adhesivo Miplafix 800

AFW’s Miplafix 800 adhesive is an acrylic adhesive designed for the installation of lightweight coatings such as LVT and rubbers. It offers high shear strength, total locking of the coating and is suitable for radiant floors. It contains no solvents or phthalates, making it safe for health and the environment. It is ideal for use in all types of premises.

Ref: 105420

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Technical characteristics
  • Acrylic glue for the installation of all kinds of light coatings.
  • Specially designed for LVT and rubbers. For all types of premises, for domestic or private use, even for intense traffic. It can be used for applications on ground and wall.
    • High resistance.
    • Total coverage.
    • Suitable for in-floor heating.
    • No solvents or phthalates.
  • Recommended for use with Acrylic adhesives for bonding of light coatings.such as:
    • LVT in planks and floor tiles.
    • Homogeneous PVC.
    • PVC heterogeneous compact or acoustic .
    • Existing compact PVC  PVC sabre (rehabilitation).
    • PVC showers in walls and floors.
    • Rubbers in tiles and rolls up to 3.5 mm. Thick.
    • Acoustic rubbers.
    • Polyolefins.
    • Semiflexible tiles.
    • All kinds of carpeting.
    • Natural fibres with a latex (Coco sisal…).
    • Wall protection plates.
Dimensions and weight
  • Weight: Ivory-matte 18 kg.
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