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AFW Medicine Balls

AFW medicine balls are ideal for customising training routines that work the whole body, these balls are excellent for developing strength and endurance. They are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, allowing you to perform a wide range of functional exercises. They are made of high-strength rubber and have a rough surface to ensure optimal grip.


Ref: 10563

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Technical characteristics
  • Medical balls that do not bounce (as they are), are heavier balls that are often used to exercise with more load and more pauses between repetitions.
  • Balls made of high strength rubber, with a rough surface for better grip.
  • This ball is not suitable for hitting against the ground or walls.
Dimensions and weight
  • Diameter: 23, 28 and 29 cm.
  • Products available in:
    • Ref: 10563: 3 kg. (Green)
    • Ref: 10564: 4 kg. (Yellow)
    • Ref: 10565: 5 kg. (Red)
    • Ref: 10567: 7 kg. (Blue)
    • Ref: 10569: 9 kg. (Purple)
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