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106082.G.A.R. - AFW Comba de velocidad basic conjunto

Basic Speed Rope

The model 106082 AFW Speed Dumbbell Basic is designed for those who love CrossTraining and Fitness. A jump rope training helps you increase aerobic endurance as well as strengthen legs, buttocks and burn fat. A good tool as a warm-up and training tool for the day, as you can use it to organize series of jumps, raising the level more and more, your double jumps will be assured and your records will be improved! Made of 2mm steel, it will offer you maximum inertia, great resistance, control and precision without tangles.

Ref: 106082

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Technical characteristics
  • Comba manufactured with the highest quality.
  • 2 mm steel cable adjustable, covered by a PVC layer.
  • Maximum inertia, great resistance, control and precision without entanglement.
  • Available in blue, grey, black and red.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 3 m.
  • Diameter: 2 mm.
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