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108110 - Etenon Polea conica

Tapered Pulley

The model 108101 Conical Pulley from Etenon uses isoinertial technology, based on flywheels, to store and return kinetic energy during training. In the concentric phase, the subject generates force and the kinetic energy is stored in the machine. In the eccentric phase, the subject must brake this inertia, which provides benefits such as strengthening connective tissue, increasing the muscle rupture threshold, strengthening tendons, rehabilitation and prevention of tendinopathies, strengthening hamstrings in soccer players and improving maximum voluntary contraction.
The Cone Pulley has a cone made of PE (polyethylene) with 7 positions to adjust the speed of change between the concentric and eccentric phases. In addition, it has 12 interchangeable weights of approximately 1 kg each and has the option of adapting a rotary encoder. However, it is important to note that it does not include handlebars or ankle cuffs.

Ref: 108110

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Technical characteristics
  • The Tapered Pulley uses isoinertial technology. 
  • The structural base involves flywheels or inertia wheels. When we apply force in the concentric phase, the machine stores the generated kinetic energy in different ways. It is returned in the eccentric phase and the user must stop this inertia.
  • The benefits of using isoinertial systems to reinforce the eccentric phase are:
    • Strengthened connective tissue.
    • Increased muscle breakdown threshold.
    • Increased tendon strength.
    • Rehabilitation and prevention of tendinopathies.
    • Hamstring reinforcement in soccer players.
    • Improved maximum voluntary contraction./li>
  • The cone is made of PE (polyethylene) with 7 positions, that is, 7 possible speeds in the change from concentric to eccentric.
  • It has 12 weights of approx. 1 kg. each which are easily interchangeable 
  • Option to adapt rotary encoder. 
  • Does not include handles or anklets. 
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 43 cm.
  • Width: 46 cm.
  • Height: 60 cm.
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