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Vinyl Kettlebells

The AFW Model 19180 Vinyl Kettlebells are a versatile training tool that helps develop strength, endurance and balance. These kettlebells are not only ideal for strength exercises, but also for cardio routines due to the additional movement needed to perform certain exercises.Made of cast steel with vinyl coating, they offer durability and safety for both the user and the training environment. The roughened handle provides an improved grip and its width allows for comfortable use during strength training. In addition, Vinyl kettlebells have a color-coded system to easily identify the weight of each kettlebell, facilitating proper selection during workouts.

Ref: 19180

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Technical characteristics
  • Made of cast steel with a vinyl coating, which increases its durability and safety for both the user and the environment.
  • Rugged handle for better grip and it is wide enough to work with it comfortably, which makes it perfect for intensive use in strength training.
  • Color-coded weight.
Dimensions and weight
  • Available in 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 kg.
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