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Mini band elastics pack 3 units

The AFW Mini Band Elastic Pack includes 3 elastic fabric bands designed to exercise various muscle groups effectively and easily. These bands are made of high quality Nylon that retains its strength and flexibility even after prolonged use. Each band has a color-coded resistance, starting with light pink representing light resistance, followed by dark gray for medium resistance and purple for extra heavy resistance. With these elastic bands, you can work and strengthen different areas of your body in a comfortable, versatile way and without taking up space.

Ref: 222102

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Technical characteristics
  • Made with highly resistant Nylon that maintains its resistance and flexibility after prolonged periods of use.
  • Color-coded resistance (lowest to highest resistance).
  • Light pink: light.
  • Dark gray: medium.
  • Violet: Heavy.
Dimensions and weight
  • Light: 60 x 620 mm. Resistance 281 lb.
  • Medium: 70 x 660 mm. Resistance 381 lb.
  • Heavy: 80 x 700 mm. Resistance 481 lb.
  • Weight: 0.24 gr. (unit).
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