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Body Pump Set

The Etenon Body Pump Set has an elegant and aesthetic design, backed by an exhaustive quality study that guarantees a totally professional use. It is a complete and aesthetically appealing set that provides everything you need for Body Pump activity. With high quality rubber coated discs, a rubber coated steel barbell and clamps, this set guarantees a professional and comfortable use during workouts. It is an ideal choice for those who wish to perform Body Pump sessions at home or in the gym.

Ref: 324102

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Technical characteristics
  • Complete set of high quality rubber coated discs with two comfortable grips.
  • Rubber coated steel bar for added comfort.

Set includes:

  • 2 x 1.25 kg rubber discs.
  • 2 rubber discs of 2.5 kg.
  • 2 rubber discs of 5 kg.
  • 1 steel bar of 140 cm and 3 cm diameter, rubberized.
  • 2 clamps of 3 cm.
Dimensions and weight
  • Bar length: 140 cm.
  • Diámeter: 30 mm.
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