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428202 - AFW Kit 4 plataformas pliometricas

Kit 4 Plyometric Platforms

The AFW 4-Platform Kit is a set of devices designed specifically for strength and explosive training. It is focused on functional training, crossfit and agility, providing a safe and stable surface to perform a variety of exercises. These platforms are made of high quality stainless steel, which guarantees durability and resistance. In addition, they are finished in black epoxy powder paint, which gives them an elegant and aesthetic appearance. To provide greater safety during training, the bases of the platforms are rubberized, which helps prevent slipping and provides additional stability.

It is important to note that this kit is sold as a set of 4 platforms and are not sold separately. This configuration allows you to take full advantage of the advantages and benefits offered by the platforms in terms of exercise variety and training possibilities.

Ref: 428202

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Technical characteristics
  • A device designed for strength and explosiveness training. Focused on functional training, crosstraining or agility.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Finished in black epoxy powder paint.
  • Rubberized bases for safety.
  • Not sold separately.
Dimensions and weight
  • Level 1: Height 30 cm, top base 33 x 33 cm.
  • Level 2: Height 45 cm, upper base 35 x 35 cm.
  • Level 3: Height 60 cm, upper base 38 x 38 cm.
  • Level 4: Height 76 cm, upper base 42 x 42 cm.
Also Includes
  • Set weight: 38.5 kg
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