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440201 AFW Discos bumper conjunto

Black Rubber Bumper Plate

The model 440201 Black Bumper Rubber Discs are ideal for CrossTraining workouts. Manufactured with high quality natural rubber, these discs have passed rigorous controls to guarantee their resistance and durability during intense training sessions. They feature a central stainless steel metal ring that protects the rubber when in contact with the bar, reducing wear and minimizing friction. These discs are a safe and reliable choice for Olympic lifts and functional exercises, providing consistent performance and reduced impact on the training surface.

Ref: 440201

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Technical characteristics
  • Olympic training plates with which you can perform your Cross Training workouts.
  • Made of natural rubber and having passed strict quality controls so that your training equipment can withstand an intense training volume.
  • They have a central stainless steel metal ring that ensures that friction with the bar does not damage the rubber that covers the plate, providing a surface that benefits when handling the plates on the bar and reducing the impact of friction with it.
Dimensions and weight
  • Inner Diameter: 50 mm.
  • Plate Diameter: 45 cm.
  • Tolerance: +/- 3%.
  • 8150 – 5 kg. / 21 mm. (thickness).
  • 8151 – 10 kg. / 42 mm. (thickness).
  • 8152 – 15 kg. / 58 mm. (thickness).
  • 8153 – 20 kg. / 70 mm. (thickness).
  • 8154 – 25 kg. / 80 mm. (thickness).
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