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Upright Bike 450UBi2

Upright exercise bikes allow for a variety of movements, such as pedalling in a standing or running position, so multiple muscle groups can be exercised as the rider changes position. It is designed to easily get on and off the bike, includes precise seat adjustments and adjusts to 40 resistance levels, the most on the market.

Ref: 450UBi2

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Technical characteristics
  • Display indicators: HR, resistance level, time, time, watts, calories, distance, RPM, speed, training summary, training profile.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Polar® encrypted wireless telemetry technology. It has a built-in heart rate receiver (heart rate transmitter strap required) and also features digital contact heart rate technology, which ensures high accuracy and reliability.
    • On the go: Allows you to switch to other training programmes during exercise.
  • Optitrain™: Bike mode allows users to train at a fixed resistance level regardless of pedalling speed. Power mode allows users to train at a fixed workload measured in watts.
    • Energy Saving System: Energy Saving Mode is used to minimise power consumption (not exceeding 0.5W) which complies with Erp EC 1275/2008 requirements.
  • Mye Audio: Optional accessories compatible with MYE audio receiver.
  • Uni-dial™ Control: Full access and control of user interface features and configurations with the convenience of the Uni-Dial™.
  • Standard C-safe Power: Standard C-SAFE power supports external tool power supply.
  • C-safe Connectivity: Optional connectivity facilitates data transfer (available on request).
  • Intenza Colour Console 12″ LCD 450 Series
  • Incare™ Online: Intelligent machine automatically detects when service is needed and sends a service diagnostic via Wi-Fi.
  • Language: Available in 23 countries.
  • Screensaver: Ability to upload 10 image files for messages or commercials to be displayed during standby mode.
  • Wi-Fi capability: Compatible with InCare™ Online, software updates.
  • Usb connectivity: for configuration and software updates.
  • Three-phase generator: Self-powered hybrid generator delivers consistent performance for a smooth and quiet workout.
  • Belt drive system for smoother and quieter performance. Minimal maintenance.
  • Bottom Bracket:High performance bottom bracket assembly with precision sealed bearings for exceptional performance.
  • Watts: minimum 16 and maximum 640 watts.
  • Resistance Levels: 40 resistance levels that meet the new European EN957-9 standards.
  • Fitness test: The fitness test determines individual fitness level based on VO2 max standards. The test method includes the Astrand-Rhyming method.
  • Quick Start: Quick Start programme is a manual training.
  • Programmes: More than 20 training programmes. Fitness test included. Allows you to change the training programme during exercise.
  • The race programme offers a fun challenge by competing against the existing champion in 1K, 2K or 3K races.


Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 122 cm.
  • Width: 67 cm.
  • Height: 146 cm.
  • Weight: 78 kg.
  • Maximum user weight: 181 kg.
  • User height: between 143 and 193 cm.
Also Includes


  • Conveniently located accessory holder for portable music players and mobile phones.
  • Robust frame structure designed to ensure stability and durability. Aluminium components offer visual appeal
  • visual appeal and corrosion resistance. Low crossover design allows for easy entry and exit.
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars with integrated elbow support for maximum comfort in the racing position. Handlebar is integrated with heart rate monitoring and resistance adjustment buttons for ease of use during training. Oversized ergonomic pedals with integrated grip and straps for quick adjustments and pedalling comfort.
  • Ergonomic saddle designed for maximum comfort and support during the most intense workouts. Seat adjustment positions in 1/2″ increments accommodate riders from 147 to 193 cm (4’9″ to 6’5″).
  • Dual bottle holder holds up to 1 litre water bottles for convenient hydration during exercise.
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