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Power Hook for Dumbbells

The Power Dumbbell Hook has an elegant and aesthetic design, backed by an exhaustive quality study that guarantees a totally professional use. It is a reliable and functional accessory that provides safety and comfort during your exercises with dumbbells. With its design, it has the ability for quick connection and versatility of use with a barbell without having to lift the dumbbells every time before each exercise. This hook is a useful tool to maximize your dumbbell workout.

Ref: 556502

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Technical characteristics
  • A perfect accessory to make your dumbbell workouts more comfortable and safe. Perfect for doing a chest press.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Complete accessory finished in matte black.
  • Sold in pairs.
Dimensions and weight
  • Lenght: 25 cm.
  • Width: 12 cm.
  • Height: 13.5 cm.
  • Maximum load: 80 kg (each hook).
  • Acceptable dumbbell grip diameter: up to 25 mm.
  • Weight: 0.8 kg. (par)
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