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558801 - Etenon Arnes


The 558801 Harness model from Etenon is a perfect accessory for isoinertial training, as it allows you to work both the lower body and the core in an effective way. One of its advantages is that it frees the arms, which allows to complement the training with other materials and work the whole body in an integral way. The design of the harness is ergonomic, which means that it adjusts optimally to the physiognomy of each user, providing comfort and a secure fit during training. In addition, it is padded and reinforced in the shoulders and lumbar area, which provides additional support and protection during exercises. It has been designed in gray and orange colors, giving it a modern and eye-catching look.

Ref: 558801

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Technical characteristics
  • Perfect for isoinertial workouts, allowing the lower body and core to work. In addition, arms are left free to complement the training with other materials and work out the whole body.
  • Ergonomic design which adjusts to the physiognomy of each user. Padded and reinforced in shoulder and lumbar areas. 
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