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558902P - AFW Kit mantenimiento barras plus

Maintenance kit plus bars

The model 558902P AFW Bars Plus Maintenance Kit is perfect for keeping your bars in excellent condition. It includes essential tools and products for cleaning and care. The metal bristle brush with wooden handle allows you to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Lubricating oil helps keep your rods running smoothly, reducing friction and wear. The microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning and polishing the surface of the rods. In addition, the needle-nose pliers facilitate any necessary adjustments. With this complete kit, you can extend the life of your bars and keep them in optimal condition for your workouts.

Ref: 558902P

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Technical characteristics
  • The complete cleaning kit is ideal for keeping the bars in top condition. Includes:
  • Metal bristle brush with wooden handle.
  • Lubricating oil.
  • Microfibre cloth.
  • Needle nose pliers.
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