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558906 - AFW Hip Thrust Foam

Hip Thrust Foam

The Hip Thrust Foam has an elegant and aesthetic design, backed by an exhaustive quality study that guarantees a totally professional use. It is focused on the entire posterior lower body area. It is an ideal platform for all types of hip exercises, push ups and glutes. Due to its versatility it can be used as an accessory for many other exercises. With a very attractive design and optimized to occupy little space once stored.

Ref: 558906

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Technical characteristics
  • Material of manufacture: EPE Foam with PVC anti-slip cover.
  • Anti-skid product base to prevent it from moving during exercises.
  • Easy to clean and easy to move from one place to another.
  • Resistant, able to support great weight.
  • Ergonomically designed to offer the user comfort when exercising.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 91 cm.
  • Base: 50 cm.
  • Superior width: 20 cm.
  • Height: 35 cm.
  • Weight: 4 kg.
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