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Rubber floor scrubber drier

The rubber floor scrubber offers an innovative solution for cleaning floors composed of this material thanks to its powerful steam jets, washes, restores, dries and sterilizes. It offers professional regulation of brush pressure that guarantees high-quality cleaning on both smooth and profiled floors. The prewash function allows you to deactivate the recovery of the detergent solution to ensure high soil levels. Its unique design and maximum maneuverability make it easy to clean everywhere, even in difficult areas such as under furniture, along baseboards and in corners. In addition, its bidirectional capacity allows you to easily change the direction of travel for efficient cleaning in small spaces. This scrubber offered by Etenon Fitness is the complete solution to keep your floors spotless and give an extra touch of quality to your training center.

Ref: 558910

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Technical characteristics
  • Working area: 300 / 500 M²/h.
  • Washing width: 350 mm.
  • Number of brushes: 2.
  • Power supply: Cable.
  • Voltage: 115-240 Volt.
  • Frequency: 60-50 Hz.
  • Noise level: < 64dBA.
  • Solution tank: 2.7 Lt.
  • Recovery tank: 2.3 Lt.
  • Brush speed: 650/750 rpm.
  • Brush pressure: 200 gr/cm2.
  • Power absorbed: 1000 + 900 Watt.
  • Steam jet width: 330 mm.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 42 cm.
  • Width: 43 cm.
  • Height: 25 cm.
  • Weight: 30 kg.
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