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Power Boxe Bag

The AFW Power Boxe Bag is the ideal equipment for professional combat sports training. It stands out for its durability and resistance, since it does not deform easily. This model is filled with sand, which provides a soft and uniform surface for hitting and kicking. Manufactured in a single piece with a base made of highly elastic and high-density material, the AFW Power Boxe bag offers quick recovery after blows, avoiding permanent deformations. As an extra, it has grips on its upper part to immobilize the bag when hitting it, a good detail when used as sparring.

Ref: 760307

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Technical characteristics
  • Ideal equipment for professional combat sports training. It is durable and does not deform.
  • The AFW Power Boxe is filled with sand to give the bag the ability to withstand high-powered hits.
  • Made with high elasticity and high density material in a single piece, which provides durability and quick recovery from any deformation caused by impacts.
  • Made of PVC and EPE.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 196 cm.
  • Width: 48 cm.
  • Height: 48 cm.
  • Weight: 53.3 kg.
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