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Brute Fit is a very complete machine in which you can perform endless exercises to strengthen the whole body, thanks to its mobile arms, its platform to support the feet and the two height-adjustable pulleys.
In this versatile machine, you can perform exercises such as squats, chin-ups, rowing or deadlifts. If complemented with a bench, it can also be used as a press and perform pectoral or glute exercises, for example.

It is a very versatile option for your weight area.

It includes:

  • Rope grip for triceps.
  • Stirrup grip.
  • Pull-up bar.
  • Safety support for squats.
  • Length: 180 cm.
  • Width: 219 cm.
  • Height: 227 cm.
  • Machine weight: 424 kg.
  • Total weight: 624 kg.
  • Total plate load: 200 kg.(100 kg. en each tower).