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ASDC43 - Etenon Press Inclinado SS

ASDC Incline Press

The ASDC Incline Press model from Etenon Fitness features an elegant and aesthetic design, backed by an exhaustive quality study that guarantees a fully professional use. It is focused on the pectoral area. This machine has been ergonomically created to provide a natural and fluid movement, maximizing the effectiveness of exercises specifically targeting the upper pectoral area. It is a machine designed for optimal and professional training, aimed at developing the upper part of the pectoral area. It offers an alternative to the incline bench press for chest with free weights, focusing the thrust in a more comfortable and effective way. It is ideal to evolve in weight loads in a safe way or to perform the exercise of lowering and raising totally controlled and controlled.

Ref: ASDC43N

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Technical characteristics
  • 4 Stainless steel disc supports with high performance industrial bearings.
  • Fireproof and sweat resistant upholstery.
  • Porous rubber grips make for a comfortable and secure grip-powder-coated chassis finish ensures maximum adhesion and strength.
  • The 8*4*0.3 rectangular steel structure guarantees the highest structural integrity.
  • Right angle configuration of the structure to guarantee a perfect structural adaptation.
  • Made in Spain.


Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 106 cm. (41.73 in.)
  • Width: 145 cm. (57.08 in.)
  • Height: 179 cm. (70.47 in.)
  • Weight: 145 kg. (319 lb.)
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