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Functional dismountable container

The AFW Functional Detachable Container is a versatile storage solution designed to hold all types of workout equipment, such as dumbbells, discs, barbells, barbells, elastic bands and more. Made of steel with a durable black finish, this container offers durability and style. Its detachable design and modular assembly allow for an adaptable configuration as needed. Equipped with double doors and double security locks, it ensures safe and secure storage for your workout equipment.

The OSB plywood interior floor adds an extra layer of sturdiness, providing a solid base for your items. With the AFW Detachable Functional Container, you have at your disposal a practical and safe solution to organize and protect your training equipment efficiently.

Ref: BC3X2JB

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Technical characteristics
  • Container made of steel in black finish.
  • Dismountable with modular assembly.
  • With double door and double security lock.
  • Interior floor in OSB plywood.
Dimensions and weight

Outer dimensions:

  • Length: 295 cm.
  • Width: 214 cm.
  • Height: 207 cm.

Inner dimensions:

  • Length: 280 cm.
  • Width: 200 cm.
  • Height: 194.8 cm.
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