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Dual Chest Press/Shoulder Press

The perfect two in one with the Dual Chest-Shoulders Press PC0135 from Etenon Fitness. It has the ease of adjustment to perform high-performance press exercises on both the upper part of the pectoral and shoulders. This allows greater versatility in training, since both areas can be specifically worked on, obtaining optimal results in the development and strengthening of the chest and shoulders.

Approximate date of arrival: 15th August

Ref: PC0135

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Technical characteristics
  • Made of 50 x 100 mm Q235 steel square tube with 3 mm thickness.
  • Structure with matte black epoxy powder paint for total fixation and high resistance.
  • Pulleys made of high quality aluminum.
  • Cable thickness of 4.8mm diameter with a resistance of up to 600 kg. Imported from Japan.
  • Machine biomechanics specially designed to allow accessibility to any type of user and get the most out of each movement.
  • It has an adjustable seat, backrest and arms.
  • Seat and back upholstery with black carbon fiber-type texture, it also has PU filling, antibacterial and fireproof.
  • Industrial bearings and high quality screws.
  • It has personalized pictograms explaining each machine.
  • Non-porous rubber coated comfort grips. They offer a very good feeling of grip and security upon contact.
  • As a characteristic, this line has a plate weight system that increases by 7 kg instead of 5 kg as in other machines.
  • Soft non-slip PVC studs on the base.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 215 cm.
  • Width: 85 cm.
  • Height: 226 cm.
  • Weight: 250 kg.
  • Plate weight: 100 kg.
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