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Multifunction Smith

Etenon’s Smith Multifunctional model has an elegant and aesthetic design, backed by an exhaustive quality study that guarantees a fully professional use. This equipment has been developed to offer an optimal multifunctional exercise. It complies with the EN-957 Class S standard. A special gym machine that offers a wide variety of strength, core and stability exercises with a single piece of equipment. Save space and optimize your investment by installing this multifunction in your fitness area. It allows you to train your entire body in complete safety. This model has two side pulleys on each column, a multi-power disc and plate weight. In addition to upper grips for pull-ups, bar anchor for rowing, six supports for discs, bar for pull-ups and a panel with information and exercises.

Ref: PC0958

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Technical characteristics

Made of 50 x 50 x 3 mm steel tube. Includes:

  • Two side pulleys on each column.
  • Multipower of plates and also plate weights.
  • Two types of top grips with variable grip.
  • Straight bar anchorage for rowing work.
  • Six plates supports.
  • Fixed bar for pull-ups. Maximum user weight (pull-up bar): 150 kg.
  • Information and exercise panel.
  • Resistance ratio: 1:1.

Also includes:

  • Pull-on grip.
  • Straight bar.
  • Safety supports.
  • Roller support.
  • Parallel bottom support.
  • Nylon stirrup grip.
  • Collars.
  • Trunk blaster support.
  • Chains.
  • V-shaped holder or grip.

Optional accessory:

  • Press platform.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 201 cm.
  • Width: 147.8 cm.
  • Height: 224 cm.
  • Total plate load: 180 kg. (90 kg. x 2)
  • Total multipower load: 500 kg (250 kg on each side).
  • Pull-ups: The superior pull-up grips support a maximum weight of 300 kg.
  • Dips accessory: Maximum weight of 300 kg.
  • Weight: 400 kg.
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