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Shoulders Fly

Are you looking for a new stimulus for your shoulders? Introducing the new PL2538 Shoulders Fly from Etenon Fitness. A model that is specifically designed for workouts that require correct targeting of the lateral part of the shoulders performed standing. It provides a guided and precise movement that exercises the lateral deltoids, shoulders and upper back, for the proper development of this muscle area. Perfect for controlling high loads, avoiding injuries, or taking your hypertrophy workouts to the limit with lower loads. It will be a must on your shoulder day!

Approximate date of arrival: 17th July



Ref: PL2538

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Technical characteristics
  • Made of 3 mm thick Q235 steel square tube.
  • Powder-coated structure for total fixation and high resistance.
  • Machine biomechanics specially designed to allow accessibility to any type of user.
  • Industrial bearings and high quality screws.
  • 4 stainless steel loading disc holders.
  • Non-porous rubber coated comfort grips. They offer a very good feeling of grip and security upon contact.
  • Explanatory pictogram on the correct posture to perform the exercise and the muscles involved in it.
  • Soft non-slip PVC studs on the base.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 132 cm.
  • Width: 88 cm.
  • Height: 148 cm.
  • Weight: 81 kg.
  • Maximum load capacity: 150 kg.
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