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PL3002 - Etenon Remo


The PL3002 rowing machine has a compact and aesthetic design, backed by an exhaustive study in biomechanics that guarantees a totally professional use. With this machine, the user will be able to develop the depth of the upper and middle back, dorsals, deltoids and trapezius, in a natural and effective way. Its angle when performing the pull allows a correct dorsal expansion and contraction. This exercise offers greater comfort and support compared to a rowing performed with free weights.

Ref: PL3002

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Technical characteristics
  • Two stainless steel load carriers.
  • Industrial bearings and screws with quality standard.
  • Upholstery with viscoelastic padding and antibacterial and fireproof leatherette.
  • The painting process of the machines is carried out in a four-layer treatment tunnel, which offers an absolute guarantee against corrosion. The first layer is degreased and hot phosphated. The second layer is pre-phosphating at room temperature. The third layer is hot phosphating. And finally, the structure is covered with epoxy powder paint.
  • Main structure in 3 mm thick high-strength steel.
  • Pictogram explaining the correct posture for the exercise and the muscles involved in it.
  • It has a disc loading system with a selector that allows you to choose between 3 different levels of tension when performing the exercise. Among its three positions we find a low, neutral and high tension with a downward or upward variation of 25% of the loaded weight.
  • Height adjustable seat and depth adjustable chest support.
  • Soft, non-slip PVC studs on the base.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 147.1 cm.
  • Width: 136.5 cm.
  • Height: 125.1 cm.
  • Weight: 115 kg.
  • Maximum load: 300 kg.
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