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PTT0119 - Etenon Jaca V Squat

Jaca V Squat

The JacaV- Squat PTT0119 from Etenon Fitness features a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design, backed by an exhaustive study of quality biomechanics. This machine has been
ergonomically created to provide a natural and fluid movement, maximizing the effectiveness of exercises specifically targeting the quadriceps and femorals. It is a machine that offers an excellent alternative to classic exercises such as squats, allowing greater control of the guided movement and the possibility of performing a deep descent without risk of injury. It is a complete training equipment that strengthens the quadriceps, femorals, adductors, ham strings and calves. As a special feature, it has a lever accessible to the user to start or stop the operation of the machine in a comfortable and easy way.

Ref: PTT0119

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Technical characteristics
  • 4 stainless steel disc hangers.
  • Fireproof, antibacterial and sweat resistant upholstery.
  • 40 x 80 mm tube.
  • Powder coated structure for total fixation and high resistance.
  • High quality industrial bearings.
  • Material: 2mm steel
  • Lever to release the load lock at the beginning and end of the exercise.
  • Side grips at shoulder height to stabilise the user during the exercise.
  • Backrest support divided into two back/head zones and also incorporates shoulder pads.
  • Foot support platform with wear-resistant, non-slip coating.
  • Platform 550 x 760 mm.
  • Adjustable to 3 heights.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 197.3 cm.
  • Width: 157 cm.
  • Height: 174,5 cm.
  • Weight: 130 kg.
  • Foot platform: 55 x 76 cm.
  • Maximum recommended load: 400 kg (200 kg per side).
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