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PTT0120 - Etenon Leg Press & Hack Squat

Leg Press and Hack Squat

Versatility in your routine with the PTT0120 Leg press and Hack squat from Etenon Fitness. This model combines two popular leg development exercises: the leg press and the hack squat. It allows users to work leg muscles, such as the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings, using an inclined platform. The distinctive feature of this machine is that the platform moves at an inclined angle, offering a variety of positions and exercises for a more complete leg workout.

Ref: PTT0120

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Technical characteristics
  • Structure made of 3 mm rectangular carbon steel tube.
  • Professional use.
  • Powder coated for total fixation and high resistance.
  • Dual function as leg press or jack.
  • High density foam padding.
  • Upholstered in fireproof synthetic leatherette.
  • 4 loading disc holders and 8 stainless steel storage disc holders.
  • Non-slip grips.
  • High quality industrial bearings.
  • Right-angled structure to guarantee a perfect structural adaptation.
  • Foldable platform for easy switching between exercises.
  • Safety locking/unlocking system.
  • Height-adjustable support platform.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 263.5 cm.
  • Width: 152 cm.
  • Height: 188 cm.
  • Weight: 210 kg.
  • Maximum load: 500 kg.
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