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PTT0219 - Etenon Fondos y Dominadas y Abdominales

PTT02 Ab / Chin up

The PTT0219F Ab / Chin up from Etenon Fitness has an elegant and aesthetic design, backed by an exhaustive quality study that guarantees a totally professional use. This bench has been manufactured to offer the user the necessary support and support to perform both abdominal crunches by contracting the abdominal trunk by raising the legs or shrinking the knees, performing triceps or pectoral funds and has a support with grip at the top for the realization of dominated for back. It’s a perfect way to focus on these muscle groups in isolation.

Ref: PTT0219F

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Technical characteristics
  • The PTT02 line includes the essential elements for strength training. All products comply with the national standard GB 17498-2008 and EU standard EN20957.
  • Structure
    Constructed in 3 mm. steel oval tube.
  • Painting
    The painting process of the machines is carried out in a four-layer treatment tunnel, which offers an absolute guarantee against corrosion. The first layer is degreased and hot phosphatized. The second one is a prefosphated at room temperature. In the third one proceeds to hot phosphating. And finally, the structure is covered with epoxy powder paint.
  • Upholstered
    It is made with 3 cm. foam rubber. of thickness and 150 kg. of pressure. The leatherette is flame retardant and porous. The upholstery of the machines is anatomical.
  • Grip
    In rubber.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 119 cm.
  • Width: 126 cm.
  • Height: 229.5 cm.
  • Weight: 93 kg.
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