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Row Indoor CONCEPT2 Model D


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Technical characteristics
  • The proven performance and numerous fitness benefits of our Remo Indoor Model D have made it the best Indoor Rowing on sale in the world.
    Recognized as the basic tool for indoor training by professional rowers, Model D provides effective cardiovascular training that will improve your fitness level and tone your body.
  • We value the practical design: our D model is built in an efficient and durable way. It is the same machine used by Olympic and elite athletes to train, and will allow you to perform hard workouts day after day.
  • Monorail:
    In double T of extruded aluminum, with stainless steel guide for the seat.
    With a stainless steel plate that allows the seat to move smoothly and facilitates the total intervention of the legs in the stroke of the oar to provide a true exercise for the whole body.
    The redesigned mechanism of fixing the structure makes it easy to separate it into two parts for transport and storage.
  • Ergonomic handle that allows a natural position of arms and hands while you paddle.
  • Flexible adjustable calf templates for quick and easy anchoring.
  • Monorail length: 137 cm.
  • Leg length: up to 91 cm.
    Extra-long monorail available with additional cost.
  • PM3 Performance Monitor, is standard on all Model D Indoor Ovens with the option of improving it with the PM4 Performance Monitor.
  • Adjustable monitor arm that allows for more compact storage.
  • Digital liquid crystal display (LCD) powered by sample batteries.
  • Information and profiles: Time / distance row, Calories consumed; Watts, Stroke Performance (watts, calories, meters), Medium Partial (time every 500 meters), Library of predetermined workouts (time, distance, time intervals, distance intervals), Projected finish (time or distance), Segment memory function, optional heart rate monitor interface.
  • Selection of graphic monitoring options: including Force Curve, PaceBoat and Bar Graph.
  • C2 LogCard memory card: quickly and automatically memorizes the workouts of up to 5 users and tracks your progress without the need for papers with notes of each training.
  • PC interface:
    Transfer the data from the LogCard to your personal computer.
    While paddling, current is generated for the operation of the PM3.
  • Lever:
    The spiral lever controls the air intake to the fan allowing users to select the sensation of paddling in a fast boat or in a slow and heavy boat. It is easily separated for storage.
  • Fan:
    Led by a fully fenced steel chain, with a fan covered and reinforced with fiberglass attached.
    The fan housing is made of high impact ABS thermo-plastic.
  • The “Silent Pinion” system significantly dampens the sound when rowing, isolating the noise from the chain with urethane washers on each side of the pinion.
    The idler and traveling pulleys are made of thermo-plastic elastometer for increased durability and noise reduction.
  • Chain: nickel-plated steel.
  • Power generation of the Pm5: 2 type D alkaline batteries (Lr20). The Indoor Rowing generates energy when the machine is in use, which will prolong the life of the batteries.
  • Legs Support: Aluminum front legs, steel rear leg.
  • Monitor Arm: ABS plastic. “Swivel” axes for storage and height adjustment of the monitor.
  • Finish: Powder Paint.
  • Color: Black.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 244 cm.
  • Width: 61 cm.
  • Seat height: 36 cm.
  • Weight of the machine: 26 kg.
  • Maximum user weight: 227 kg.
  • Space required:

    • Mounted: 244 x 61 cm.
    • For use: 274 x 122 cm.
    • For storage: 63.5 x 84 x 137 cm.
Also Includes
  • Adjustable air resistance.
  • Stencil system adjustable, impact resistant, reinforced nylon with fiberglass.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with overmolded soft plastic handles.
  • Legs with molded plastic pads.
  • Anatomically designed seat.
  • Built-in casters; Quick disassembly capacity for more compact storage
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