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Rack bronson x2 sin fondo

Rack X2 Bronson

The SS700 Rack X2 Bronson from Etenon features an elegant and aesthetic design, backed by an exhaustive quality study that guarantees a fully professional use. This rack is versatile and functional, specifically designed to provide support and safety to the user during the performance of free weight barbell exercises, such as squats and barbell shoulder presses. It is a must-have rack for Crosstraining and Powerlifting workouts, and is also perfect for weight rooms. It features a premium stainless steel finish in matte black.

Ref: SS700

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Technical characteristics
  • Rack made of steel.
  • Fibre optic laser cutting method.
  • Maximum recommended load of the assembly 550 kg.
  • Pillar profile 60x60x2 mm.
  • Heights for supports: 16.
  • Hole diameter for supports: 1 inch.
  • Distance between holes: 10 cm.
  • Distance between height nº1 and floor: 26 cm.
  • Distance between height nº16 and floor: 174 cm.
Dimensions and weight
  • Total height: 196 cm.
  • Base width:49 cm.
  • Depth: 51 cm.
  • Overall weight: 35 kg.
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