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VX20TFT - Etenon Consola V20 TFT

15.6” HD touch screen display TFT

The V20 TFT console is a next-generation touch screen that offers a variety of movement modes to customize your cardio workout to the fullest. Provides accurate measurements of calories, distance, time, speed and heart rate. It has a Wi-Fi connection, the ability to install Apps such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In addition, it offers virtual scenarios and circuits to make your exercise more fun. With USB input, HDMI, RFID card compatibility, support for multiple audio/video formats and Bluetooth connection for data tracking, it is a complete option for your training.

Ref: VX20TFT

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Technical characteristics
  • Multi-language HD IPS touch screen.
  • 6-core CPU.
  • Different movement modes : manual, fitness, classic, classic, damping, watt, distance, calories, normal or intense fat burning and performance mode.
  • Essential information: calories, distance, time, speed and heart rate.
  • Wifi connection and possibility of installing Apps such as: Instagram, Facebook, Google Chrome, Whatsapp or YouTube.
  • Virtual scenarios and circuits to make your cardio workout more enjoyable and fun.
  • Device compatible with RFID cards.
  • Device with USB 2.0 input.
  • Video playback with various formats via USB flash drive (video format: h.265, h.264, VP8, MAV, WMV, AVS, h.263, MPEG4 and other 1080P/2160P multi-video decoding video formats).
  • Audio playback with various MP3 formats on a USB flash drive (supported audio formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, AAC, OGG, M4A, 3GPP, etc.).
  • Bluetooth connection for tracking user training data.
  • External HDMI connection input.
  • Device with IEEE802.11 support.
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