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The warranty offered by Etenon Fitness S.L. covers any manufacturing defect that may be found in the product’s characteristics.

A manufacturing defect is understood to be any defect of origin, and not due to mishandling, carelessness, lack of maintenance or deterioration of the material by the customer. In the same way, intensive use that causes premature wear or breakage within the warranty period will exclude the application of the same as it is not a manufacturing defect, and always depending on the characteristics of the product or the use for which it has been intended.

Aesthetic defects due to the production process itself will not be considered interventions under guarantee, such as: aesthetic imperfections of the rubber, pores in the cast products, dirt due to the release agent, rubbing of the cardboard box with the product itself.

Regarding the period of application of our warranties:

  • SPAIN PENINSULAR: we offer a 2 year warranty for cardio and strength equipment on parts that have suffered a manufacturing defects, with labour being paid for by us during the first year from receipt of the product and not applying to wear parts, such as mats, belts, or cables, which will be considered elements of wear and tear from the use of the machinery. We offer a 1 year warranty on all AllFreeWeight (AFW) accessories due to manufacturing defects, except elastics, which will be 6 months. (Understanding by elastics: super bands, mini band, resistance elastics, kit 5 elastics and resistance bands).
  • BALEARIC ISLANDS, CANARY ISLANDS, we offer 1 year warranty for cardio and strength equipment on parts that have suffered a manufacturing defect. We offer a 6 month warranty on all AllFreeWeight (AFW) accessories.
  • EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRIES AND COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION: We offer a 1 year warranty on cardio and strength equipment on parts that have suffered a manufacturing defect. We offer a 6 month warranty on all AllFreeWeight (AFW) accessories. This does not include service labour or shipping costs for parts.

Please use this declaration of guarantees for professionals and companies, not affecting the 3-year guarantee established for individuals by article 120 of the General Law for the Defense of consumers, modified by Royal Decree Law 7/2021, through which we will apply for any individual, considering individual consumers as individuals who act outside of a commercial, business, trade or profession.

In the event that the application of these guarantees is necessary, the seller reserves the right to choose how to remedy the lack of conformity, either by repair, replacement, reduction of the price or termination of the contract.

To process any incident, it is necessary to present the purchase invoice of the material and send it attached to the e-mail: sat@etenonfitness.com adding photographs or videos where the possible defects or deficiencies of the product can be appreciated.

Our customer service is committed to providing you with a response within 24-48 working hours, in which we will indicate whether this document applies to you.


In the event that the purchased item has suffered any damage during transport and it presents any type of damage due to the same, you must state this on the delivery document of the goods, as well as informing us by email to logística@etenonfitness.com within 24-48 hours so that we can have proof and manage it.

For returns to individuals in the event that the item does not meet the customer’s needs, the customer will have 14 working days to return it, being packed in its original box or packaging, so that it can return to our facilities as it was sent, at the customer’s expense for transport and management.

In case of not keeping the original packaging Etenon Fitness S.L. reserves the right to refuse the return.
If upon arrival of the product at the facilities of Etenon Fitness S.L. the after-sales service appreciates that it has been tampered with or shows wear Etenon Fitness S.L. may not accept the return of the item, being the same returned to the buyer.

To process the payment, the customer must contact the sales person who attended him/her, who will take care of the management of the refund.

Etenon Fitness S.L. will not accept returns due to withdrawal by companies or professionals, or material made expressly upon request (this last also applies to purchases by individuals).