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PC09 Dual Functional Trainer

Etenon’s Dual Functional Trainer has an elegant and aesthetic design, backed by an exhaustive quality study that guarantees a fully professional use. This equipment has been developed to offer an optimal multifunctional exercise. It complies with the EN-957 Class S standard. This machine is composed of two mobile pulleys with cable transmission, each connected to a weight plate turret. This configuration allows you to exercise various parts of the body using a single pulley or by combining both. It is ideal for working both upper and lower body, providing a wide variety of exercises and training possibilities through various grips connected to the pulleys.

Ref: PC0921

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Technical characteristics
  • Structure built in oval steel tube of 3 mm.
  • Removable parts of solid steel with which wear problems are avoided.
  • The guide bars are made of rectified and standardized steel (hardchrome).
  • The stacks are of calibrated steel, painted in black, these have Teflon rings of a superior quality, which produces a correct sliding avoiding noises by friction.
  • The painting process of the machines is carried out in a four-layer treatment tunnel, which offers an absolute guarantee against corrosion.
  • The first layer is degreased and hot phosphatized. The second one is a prefosphated at room temperature. In the third one proceeds to hot phosphating. And finally, the structure is covered with epoxy powder paint.
  • Cable transmission.
  • The machines are mounted on bearings  or bronze wheels and bearings.
  • Grips in rubber.
  • Upholstery made of 3 cm foam rubber. of thickness with 150 kg. of pressure, and fire retardant leatherette.
Dimensions and weight
  • Length: 84 cm.
  • Width: 152 cm.
  • Height: 212 cm.
  • Weigth machine: 325 kg.
  • Adjustable arm weight: 29 kg. (optional piece)
  • Weight Stacks: 154.22 kg. (77.11 kg. in each tower)
Also Includes
  • This machine has the possibility to include an adjustable support with reference PC0921-OPT (optional). Sold separately.
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